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Description Link(s)
Jo Kata 13 Watch
Jo Kata 18 Watch
Jo Kata 21 Watch
Jo Kata 22 Watch
Jo Kata 22a Watch
Jo Kata 31 Watch
Jo Kata 75 Watch
Bokken Kata 1 - Happogiri - 8 Directions Watch
Bokken Kata 2 Watch
Bokken Kata 3 Watch
Bokken Kata 4 Watch
Bokken Kata 5 - Second 8 Directions Watch
Iado Kata 1 Watch
Iado Kata 2 Watch
Iado Kata 3 Watch
Iado Kata 4 Watch
Iado Kata 5 Watch
Iado Kata 6 Watch

Upload Date Description Link(s)
Jan 2019 Brent's 5th Kyu Exam Watch
Jan 2019 Neil's 4th Kyu Exam Watch
Jan 2019 Brady's Shodan Exam Watch
Oct 2018 Dave H 3rd Kyu Exam Watch
Jan 2018 Andrey's 2nd Kyu Exam Watch
Nov 2017 Dave's 4th Kyu Exam Watch
Jan 2017 Andrew's 4th Kyu Exam Watch
Dec 2016 Brady's 1st Kyu Exam Watch
Jun 2016 Andrew's 6th Kyu Exam Watch
Apr 2016 Andrey's 3rd Kyu Exam Watch
Nov 2014 Brady's 5th Kyu Exam Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Sep 2014 Raphael's Nidan Exam Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Videos Hosted Directly On Our Site

These are some older videos that were uploaded before the advent of Youtube. They are either in mpg (MPEG Layer 1) or mp4 format.

If you have trouble playing them, I recommend using VLC Media Player from the following link:

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I recommend right-clicking the link and downloading to your machine to view (that way you can view the clip again without having to download it another time).

Description Size
21 Jo Kata 7.0 MB
21 Jo Kumijo 4.9 MB
22 Jo Kata 1.7 MB
22A Jo Kata 7.9 MB
13 Jo Kata (MP4) 1.8 MB
18 Jo Kata (MP4) 2.5 MB
31 Jo Kata 3.5 MB
75 Jo Kata (Original) 5.8 MB
75 Jo Kata (MP4) 10.3 MB
Various from 4 Winds Dojo 11.9 MB
Escrima Jo Kata 2.0 MB
Happo-giri Bokken Kata 2.7 MB
Bokken Kata #2 2.3 MB
Bokken Kata #3 2.1 MB
Bokken Kata #4 2.2 MB
Standing Iaido #1 3.7 MB
Standing Iaido #4 4.0 MB
Standing Iaido #5 6.8 MB
Standing Iaido #7 4.9 MB
Standing Iaido #8 (MP4) 2.9 MB
Standing Iaido #9 3.3 MB
Standing Iaido #12 2.4 MB
Kneeling Iaido #8 (MP4) 3.5 MB
Oscar's 3rd Kyu Test Randori 2 MB
Eddy Ushirotekubitori Ikkyo 800 Kb
John O's 5th Kyu Exam (zipped) 12.3 MB

In an effort to keep the clip size down, I have reduced the resolution and quality of the video.  

Remember, Aikido is a dynamic and evolving art; therefore, some of these katas may have changed since the filming of these clips, not to mention the fact that the aikidoka performing the katas may have made mistakes! But it will give you a rough guide of the katas shown.