About Sneaky Feet

One of the things that distinguishes Aikido from other martial arts is its emphasis on "Ai" or harmony.   Rather than encouraging a defense based upon direct confrontation, Aikido teaches one to harmonize/blend with an attacker's energy and to redirect the energy in a way to control the attacker.   Thus, many of the motions in Aikido are circular in nature, this circular motion allowing for the blending with and redirecting of an incoming attack.

For many styles of Aikido, these circular motions are broad and clearly visible ("big circle") to an observer.  In Sneaky Feet Aikido, the circular motions tend to be much smaller ("small circle"), and much less visible to a casual observer. This translates into a stance that is less broad and footwork that is much smaller (i.e. sneakier) than those found in many other dojos.

We embrace and DO practice all styles of Aikido, and all Aikidoka are welcome at our dojo.   At the same time, we are always striving to make our motions smaller and softer, more effective and practical.