About Aikido

Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei) was the founder of Aikido. During his development of Aikido, he strove to create an art based upon harmony rather than conflict.

The result is a system predicated upon using the attacker's energy against himself/herself, allowing a smaller practitioner to defeat a much larger opponent.
O-Sensei developed Aikido over many years and had many students during that time. Consequently, different styles of Aikido developed from more aggressive (during O-Sensei's earlier learning) to less (during his later years).

As a dojo, we do not wish to limit ourselves to any single style; rather, we embrace all styles of Aikido and always welcome guests from different schools.
The name Aikido is composed of three words:
  • Ai: love/harmony
  • Ki: energy/life force
  • Do: the way
There are many principles of Aikido. Oftentimes, three fundamental principles are summarized by the three shapes on the left:
  • Triangle: initiative/entering
  • Circle: unification/blending
  • Square: solidity/control